Every year we’re supposed to set these “goals”, or “resolutions” of things we’ll have completed by the end of the year. Supposedly so we can look back on our year and feel accomplished. Even though most of those goals end up going nowhere. Im talking about your healthy eating, your gym going type goals. Your overall “lose weight” goals.

In no way am I saying that everyone fails at those goals. I’m sure there are people who accomplish all they set out to. But I’m talking about people like me. We have great intentions. We start doing whatever it is we want to work towards, but eventually something happens and we lose motivation. We stop going. We give up. We get too busy with other things and then we make excuses for it like, “oh well I never see my friends and the gym can wait one day. Quality time is important”. And it is. But maybe it should be it’s own separate goal? Set apart from the gym one? I mean how do we even succeed at this life if all our goals basically keep smashing into each other and vying for our attention? And why make our goals just one time a year?

I want this year to be different. Ya I know it’s February already. I guess I’m a bit of a late starter. But I want to be successful in life. Professionally and personally. I want to achieve things. I don’t want to just lose 20 pounds, I want to just lead a healthier lifestyle. And I can! So I will. But how? How do I get there?

Life is an interesting beast. It takes us for loops and just when you think things are ok it flips ya upside down. So how do we even know what success is? Well, it’s different for everyone. For me, it’s being happy with myself, spending time with my “vibe tribe” (in other words the people who lift me up and are positive forces in my life), and having a long term plan that ultimately results in me retiring young to work at a non profit, all while trying to travel the world. So, if that’s what we want, how do we get there?

Let’s break it down. What makes you happy? What do you really want? Give yourself 3 goals in all these areas:

  • Health
  • Friends and family
  • Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Fun and recreation

Now out of all those goals, pick 5. Just five to really focus on. Which ones are most important to you? I really want to travel more often (I know, more?!) so that was one of my top 5. But maybe yours is spending more quality time with friends. You get 5 so make them count! From there, we need to figure out how to get to each one. If I want to travel more then I’m going to need to save more so I set a goal for myself to put even more aside. Then I also need to be ok with traveling to closer locations so it could be a weekend trip. So maybe I decide one way to travel more is to take a weekend trip 5 times this year. That seems doable. So now I’m allocating money, planning weekend trips and traveling more!

People always say to watch out for things that seem too easy. But it’s that easy! We get only one life to do everything we want to do. Let’s not turn around at the end of it and look back on all the things we wish we did. Let’s live those things. Right now. Believe that you will, pray that you will, make a vision board of you doing those things and damnit! Do them! And have strong will power. Succeeding in life is only as strong as you are and trust me, you’re a lot stronger than you think!

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