Kindness is a Smile Away…

Did you know that we as humans have an instinct to “try on” each other’s facial expressions? Let me back up… I don’t mean in a creepy way. I mean that when our bestie is crying over a bad breakup, we subconsciously put on a sad face of our own. Our minds and body’s attempt to understand what the other person is going through so that we can cry too, laugh often, and love more. Having and showing these emotions is what makes us likable and maybe even lovable.

You’re walking down the hall at work and a coworker smiles at you. You naturally smile back. Even if you aren’t in a good mood, even if you aren’t happy at that specific moment. It’s a decision that we don’t even make. In that single moment your brain is working on some tough shit and is simulating what the emotion is that corresponds to that facial expression. In a single moment, Just like that we get a glimpse of happiness. In something so simple as a passing smile.

Successful people are happy people. You devote your time to things you enjoy and things you want to achieve. The key to success is happiness and the key to happiness in many cases is seeing other people happy. Their smiles in turn make us smile so it really is a win win. We can start this road to success by never making an enemy and making it a goal to be the most liked person. We’re not trying to win a beauty contest, but if we treat others with value and respect you’ll find that you will ultimately win much more. It’s really quite simple:

1. Greet them with a smile – we had braces for a reason!

2. Compliment their hair, or clothes or something that they’ve done recently. Make them feel like you notice the little details!

3. Listen to them talk and don’t try to make it about yourself. That’s what your journal is for.

We have the ability to show kindness in all that we do. From a simple smile to telling someone their hair or clothes look nice. It might even make their day! When we can give so much in a single, minuscule conversation, why do we choose to close ourselves off?

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