Mountain Crystals

It’s one of those things that you hear but never believe. Your friend comes back from Arizona with this big story about how they went to a crystal shop and got taught all the different properties they have and now all of the sudden they’re believers. And you sit there, rolling your eyes with uncertainty. They have you hold some rocks and you still don’t believe it.

Maybe you carry on for months like that, or years even. It’s not until you are looking for answers that you find things you never thought were real. That’s what I’ve been told constantly since I started Wire Wrapping. It’s what I even believed myself.

It wasn’t until I first wore a rose quartz necklace that I felt the power. Or what I thought was power, to this day it could just be my belief in myself that fuels my belief in the crystals. Rose quartz made me feel self confident for once. I wasn’t worried about what I looked like to others, I was only worried about how I felt. It was inspiring. Rose quartz also inspires romance, and when I first spent time with Kyle and our hands brushed we both felt a spark. The beginnings of something great. Something that would change our lives.

Go on, roll your eyes. I know you want to!

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the properties of crystals. I’ve studied their amazing forms as I’ve wrapped them for people suffering from stage 4 cancer, to people just looking for some stress relief. They have many different uses and I have found that some have had a dramatic impact on my life. Others, not so much. Could it be that these stones really interact with our bodies energy fields to change them and effect them enough to shape our days? Our lives?

Or is it possible that the power is within us the entire time and it’s our own self will that is changing our moods?

I believe it’s both. I believe that my crystals have been what have pushed me to the point of making an incredibly change in my life.

If you’re at all interested in getting your own own crystal, I would love to make it for you! Use the link below to see my Etsy store.

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