Yin Immersion

This weekend I’m immersing myself in all things Yin Yoga. I’m taking a weekend long training class so I can share my love of this practice with others! 

Yin is a practice that found me about a year ago when I was looking for something a bit more slow paced that would still help me get the same stretch as a vinyasa. Well, I definitely got the stretch, and the emotional toll. Yup, it can definitely release some tension and built up emotion from your body. But it’s great.

Yin targets your deep connective tissue, and the fascia throughout your body to help you gain that coveted flexibility but also build emotional strength. I read once about a woman that did Yin yoga in preparation for child birth and she had the baby all natural and was able to control her breathing, hand squeezing, and contractions. I don’t plan on having a baby anytime soon, but that sounds like a cool benefit if you ask me!

Here’s a couple of reasons why Yin is my favorite (other than the whole child birth thing :P)

  1. You can do it almost anywhere! Unlike most yoga where you need a mat and space with Yin you can actually do it seated at your desk chair, in bed, or while watching TV! My two favorites are shoelace, and butterfly. It reminds me of being a kid hanging upside down on the couch! You know you did it too.
  2. You feel rejuvenated after doing Yin Yoga! Yin Yoga helps clear the mind and cleanse your soul. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pray while doing it, or that you have to remove every thought from your mind. This just means that you try to focus on removing negative thoughts. That you try to focus on the positive things in life. Or even the things you wish to fix. You set an intention.
  3. You release those emotions! We hold a lot of tension in different parts of our body that we don’t even realize is there. By doing Yin and holding those long poses (especially pigeon!) you release those built up emotions, the stress melts away and you can relax into yourself and focus on those good thoughts. It will get tough. The poses can actually be difficult. But when we force ourselves to hold it, we’re forcing ourselves to be ok with being uncomfortable. Life is uncomfortable, life isn’t easy, and neither is Yin. But, it can help teach us how to get through the uneasy parts of this messy life.

So. Now you know why I do it. There are a lot of reasons. As I go through class this weekend I’ll be documenting it for all of you to be able to follow my progress and maybe meet some goals that I’ve set for myself!

Hopefully this has helped inspire you to also grab your mat or even a chair and try it out.





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