Summer Vibes

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
―John Steinbeck


I do so sweetly agree. It’s such a great feeling when the sun is finally shining and you feel the warmth of summer dancing on your skin.

I am so excited for summer this year! I love to hike and that has always been the reason I look forward to summer. I also love to paddle board, and spend time at the lake. I love watching my dog play in the water and roll in the sand. It’s a sweet time filled with awesome adventures. I just wish we had longer to enjoy it.

I often find myself stuck in my work or staying home because of being so worn out from the week. What I need to do is get out and enjoy the day, even if I’m dropping from exhaustion at the end of it. We don’t look back and see all the peaceful mind numbing days at home. We look back and see the days that we fell into the water after waves lapped at our boards from boats speeding by. Seriously my butt still remembers that bruise!  We tell the stories of glasses falling off after jetskiing… again after falling in the water. My arm remembers the numbness and shock since it was the first thing that hit. And we share the experiences of brothers pushing us off boats… into the water. All because they thought it would be funny! There’s a pattern here! I’m not a fish, but one of my favorite things is the water. The sand in my toes, the warmth of the sun, the stillness of Lake Tahoe. It’s marked every summer for me here in Reno and there’s not much else I look forward to when the warm weather comes.

Keep looking forward to things you enjoy but don’t just put them off. Do them. Enjoy them. Embrace them. What’s your favorite summer activity? Comment below!


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